Qualified Trust Services with eIDAS Accreditation

Secure your electronic communications with our advanced cryptography services as a compliand eIDAs Certification Authority.

ADACOM, Electronic Qualified Trust Service Provider in Europe

A qualified trust service provider has the relevant credentials and the appropriate technology to provide specific electronic identification services enabling e-Signatures.

This type of provider provides both individuals and legal entities with secure electronic identification mechanisms to carry out activities where the e-Signature replaces the handwritten signature with the same legal guarantees.

The types of e-Signatures are defined in Directive 1999/93/EC, although their recognition has been extended and standardized through the eIDAS Regulation.

Advantages of the eIDAS Qualified e-Signature in Your Operations
ADACOM EU Qualified Remote Signature Services enables people around the world to electronically sign documents on any device, in any time.
The Qualified e-Signature is the only equivalent to the handwritten signature, with the same legal validity, in all European Union member countries.
Integrity and Authenticity
The Qualified e-Signature allows the identification of the data source and the signatory. It guarantees the integrity and authenticity of the signed document.
It offers proof of traceability, so that sender and recipient cannot deny sending or receiving the document. This increases legal security.
ADACOM Offers Qualified e-Signatures Worldwide

ADACOM is a Qualified Trust Services Provider accredited in Europe.

ADACOM provides e-Signature services through its HSM devices to implement the most complex signature models, such as qualified signatures, which require the use of qualified electronic certificates and secure signature creation devices.

ADACOM's e-Signature services are provided from its own data centers with high levels of security for commissioning critical projects with high document volumes.

Remote Signature Service

ADACOM’s remote signature service enables e-Signatures from certificates stored in secure signature creation devices hosted at ADACOM’s facilities through a Web Services interface over HTTPS.

The ADACOM Qualified Trust Service Provider remote signature service solves the problems associated with using secure devices.

ADACOM takes responsibility for the management and security of the device used to generate the e-Signature.

Qualified Electronic Certificates
We can issue your electronic qualified certificates.
API Integration
Transparent API to integrate any management tool with our remote signature service.
eIDAS Service
Consists of the issuance of remote eIDAS compliant e-Signatures